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For the first time in history it is possible for an ordinary musician to make a good quality Irish uilleann pipe chanter, practice set (with bag and bellows added), or even a more complete set. Only ordinary tools and readily available materials are required.


Home Buildable Plans

  1. The Penny-Chanter (brass and plastic) developed by David Daye, USA
  2. Practice Chanter for the Uilleann Pipes !! Developed by David Daye,USA *** New March 1999 ***
  3. The Square Chanter (wood or plastic) developed by Craig Fischer, Australia
  4. Bag, Bellows and Drones (Scottish smallpipes, but adaptable) developed by Eric Reiswig, Canada
  5. Bag & Bellows -Uilleann -- Compliments Eric's detailed information w/ photos & dimensions for U.P.
  6. Measuring and Copying Existing Chanters
  7. Bass Drone!!
  8. Small Drones !!

Traditional Uilleann Pipe Designs

  1. Genuine Leo Rowsome Concert D [wide-bore] Chanter
  2. Genuine Harrington C# [narrow-bore] Chanter owned by Kevin Rowsome

Related Making & Building Resources

  1. Rapid Reamerless Prototyping of Tapered Bores -- How to use taper-cut brass tube construction to replicate fully traditional tapered bores for rapid testing and development, and translating the designs to traditional reamers. Originally published 2007 in the Seattle Pipers' Club "Pipers' Review. ***
  2. UP Reedmaking Photo Collection (Not much instruction, but lots of process photos)
  3. Seth Gallagher's Online Reedmaking Workshop (Slightly smaller dimensions than recommended for Penny-Chanter but same construction)
  4. Making a Set of Northumbrian Smallpipes
  5. Bagpipe Sounds Diagnostic Collection (Assorted impolite bagpipe noises and their causes)
  6. Build All Sorts of Musical Instruments by Dennis Havelena (This is not the actual title of his page)
  7. Experimental Musical Instruments
  8. Tuning & Intonation Chart comparing concert "Equal Temperament" with more pipe-like "Just Temperament"

Uilleann Piping Resources (Books, tunes, videos, instruction, supplies)

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