Uilleann Pipe Parts & Pieces

Adapting Smallpipe Components to Uilleann Pipes

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Updated July 1998

Here are some diagrams and photos based on traditional full sets of uilleann pipes to help you see where the construction is headed.

A Full Set usually has a long bar extending underneath the neck of the bag. This contains part of the bass "regulator" or harmony pipe. It is helpful in holding the set up into position but awkward in making it impossible to hold the chanter upright when playing, as is common for other types of bagpipes.

The photos illustrate a full set lying on the floor for a clear view, and photos of the pipes being played in a comfortable position (note the relaxed hands and the positions of fingers and wrists). Note the distinct manner of holding the leg upon which the chanter rests, and notice how the chanter is not upright but rather leans forward and toward the bag, allowing the wrists and hands to fall in a very natural posture onto the chanter. This posture will be awkward at first but is efficient and I believe it is safe in the long term.

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