Breaking News 12 June 2018

Anyone with delayed old orders who has not heard from me recently should contact me by email or phone.

New Orders Expected to Ship December 2018
An empty month has been included into the queue to account for my recent shop closing, so that new order delivery estimates will be reasonable. Set and drone orders that were to ship this spring and summer are presently delayed by 4-6 weeks.

Health Status
In the early A.M. on 20 May, I was rushed to the hospital for internal bleeding. Several diagnostic and repair procedures were attempted, at 2 different hospitals, culminating in midnight emergency surgery on the 21st.

The problem, an unusually positioned diverticulum, was a rare birth defect at the very bottom end of the duodenum that had been undetected and couldn't be repaired with minimally invasive procedures.

The shop was completely closed for 3 weeks. I'm now back on the job in excellent spirits, working for full normal activity by around mid June.

The incident includes extra good news. This defect has likely been a cause of frequent health trouble over the past 30 years. So we have hopes I'll be genuinely better-than-ever soon.