Breaking News 5 January 2017

Chanter & Reed Orders Resumed
First working Penny-Chanter model announced 20 years ago, January 1997.
All PENNY-CHANTER reed orders placed during January 2017 $20 less in honor of anniversary.
If you have a delayed chanter or reed order please contact me immediately. OK to telephone.

New Set & Drone Orders Still Closed
Still continuing to catch up on delayed orders. Those seeking new starter ("practice") sets can be playing quickly if you buy a-ready-to-play chanter from me and either home-build the bag and bellows using my detailed home construction booklet, or obtain them from 3rd party suppliers (I can suggest some). A brief video showing the general basic home-building operations is on Youtube here.

Rowsome Style Chanter
I have used a prototype in public concert with choir and orchestra recently so development is approaching conclusion as spare time permits.