Making a Key of D or C "Infra-Whistle"

Copyright 1995 David C. Daye

Updated November 1996

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Some musicians decry the appearance of highly evolved, expensive, recorder-like Irish whistles which they call "super whistles."

Now you can have 90% of the tone and loudness of the super whistle by making your own "Infra Whistle." All you need is 3 short lengths of cheap brass tubing, a hand drill, some super-glue, and a Generation brand C-whistle and/or B-Flat whistle. As it turns out, most of the qualities of the hand-crafted tapered whistles can be had using a whistle body made of telescoped tubing. The octaves tune true and the loudness is increased over the inexpensive straight-tubing Generation whistles.

Remove the mouthpiece from the commercial whistle. Super-glue lengths of tubing together as shown in the diagram. Drill finger holes, adjust if necessary. You may need to make a 2nd if the suggested dimensions etc do not work for you.

Buy an overseas airline ticket with the money you saved by not buying a hand-crafted tapered whistle. :)