The DC DAYE Competition Bagpipe Detuner (tm)

Copyright 1993 David C. Daye


The DC DAYE Competition Bagpipe Detuner (tm) from DC DAYE Electronic Music Products (Ltd.)<>


Modern Highland bagpipe contests really aren't any sort of competition at all. They're just serial demonstrations, lacking the give-and-take and offense/defense struggling of the battles of days of yore. WELL NOT ANY MORE !!

Sales Pitch:

Quit whining about That Other Band and take the offensive!


P.A. Patch (tm), hooks the Detuner into any Games or concert P.A. system for those occasions when you can't get to your opponent in advance. Sub-audible to the audience, the Directed Interference Pattern Preferring You (DIPPY Technology [tm]) instantly drops the bass drone(s) or drumhead fundamental 7-1/2 hz. in pitch, ruining even the most carefully built sound blend.

Our Motto:

"By the Right: FULL STOP !!"<>


"We guarantee to render Every bagpipe Useless as if Actually Burst!"<>


The DC DAYE Competition Bagpipe Detuner (tm) and accessories are available from Mark-in-the-Loanin' at 614-666-1313, use your Master Card 'cause I'm going to need a visa *real quick!*

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